Chhat Puja 2022 :

 Chhat Puja 2022 :

During Chhat puja the Sun God and Chhati Mata are worshipped, and both men and women fast for 36 hours. Find out the date of snan and kharna here.

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Chhath is a well-known competition which begins offevolved at the sixth day of the Hindu calendar month “Kartika”. This competition is devoted to the worship of the Sun god and his spouse Usha. This competition is widely known to thank god for assisting lifestyles on the planet and to searching for the blessing of divine Sun god and his spouse.

Almost all civilizations have worshipped the ‘God Sun’, however it has a completely unique shape in Bihar Chhath Puja is the most effective event in which the putting solar is worshipped along side the growing solar. According to the Hindu calendar, Chhath Puja is widely known at the 6th day of Kartik month.

Who began out Chhath Puja first ?

As according to historical belief, the competition of Chhath puja changed into first finished via way of means of Karna, the son of Lord Surya and Kunti. Karna changed into the ruler of Anga Desh, that is now referred to as Bhagalpur, Bihar. This changed into one of the motives why this competition is predominantly celebrated in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

This year, the pageant of Chhath Puja is beginning on 28 October 2022 throughout the nation. On the Shashthi Tithi of Shukla Paksha in Kartik month, Lord Surya and Chhathi Mata are worshipped for the duration of the Mahaparv Chhath Puja. This year, it’s going to start on October 28 and remaining till October 31. During Chhath Puja, each women and men examine a complete 36-hour waterless rapid for the health, happiness, and sturdiness in their children.

On the Chaturthi Tithi of Kartik month, Arghya is obtainable to the primary day, Kharna on the second one day, the putting solar at the 1/3 day and the growing solar at the fourth day. After this, fasting is done. How Chhath Puja is Celebrated Explore Google best content.

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Chhath Puja, also known as Surya Shashti, is a bathing festival followed by a four-day period of abstinence and ritual purity.

Chhath Puja is a four-day long strict and spiritual observance. The first day of the Chhath Puja includes taking a dip in the holy river/any water body.

Bihar, Jharkhand and Purvanchal have fun the four-day Chhath Mahaparv pageant. The pageant is found each locally and abroad. The pageant of Chhath is found at the 6th day of Shukla Paksha, in step with astrology. On Chhath puja, the solar is worshipped.

Chhath Mayya is likewise worshipped at this time, along side the solar. Chhath Maiya is respected because the goddess of childbirth and nurture, in step with myths. Chhath fasting makes the own circle of relatives glad and prosperous. Chhath Mahaparv will start on October 28 and undergo October 31 this year.

Almost all civilizations have worshipped the ‘God Sun’, however it has a completely unique shape in Bihar Chhath Puja is the best event wherein the placing solar is worshipped along side the growing solar.

Uttar Pradesh, Nov 03 (ANI): Devotees gather to perform rituals on the occasion of Chhath Puja on the banks of river Ganga in Varanasi on Sunday. (ANI

The services to the God encompass rice pudding (kheer) and fruits, which is shipped amongst own circle of relatives participants and pals. The 0.33 day of Chhath is going withinside the guidance of the prasad (services) for the nighttime services, additionally called Sanjhiya Arghya.

In the nighttime, big numbers of devotees accumulate at the banks of rivers and make services (Arghya) to the placing sun. The peoples songs are performed showing the subculture and records of Bihar. The night time of the 0.33 day witnesses a colourful occasion called Kosi. A cover is crafted from sugarcane sticks and lighted earthen lamps are located withinside the cover along side baskets full of prasad. On the fourth and very last day of Chhath, own circle of relatives participants and pals visit the banks of rivers earlier than dawn and making services (Arghya) to the growing sun. After this ritual, devotees spoil their rapid and distribute Prasad to acquaintances and relatives.

Chhath is an ancient Vedic festival, historically native to the Indian sub continent and Chhath Puja, which is central to the celebration of this festival is dedicated in honour of the solar deity, Surya and his sister Shashti Devi (Chhathi Maiya), in order to get their blessing and to thank them.


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