About Walmart+ ? What You Should Understand

 About Walmart+ ? What You Should Understand

Same-day delivery on more than 160,000 products is promised by Walmart’s premium membership programme. But what distinguishes Walmart+ from other services of a similar nature, such as Amazon Prime and Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt)? And is the yearly subscription fee actually worth it? You can learn more about Walmart’s new membership programme, how it varies from other same-day delivery options available to customers, and how to get the most of a subscription if you decide to sign up, here.

What is Walmart+ ?

The introduction of Amazon Prime in 2005 completely altered how consumers shop online. It created a convenience that customers now expect from other stores, so it stands to reason that Walmart would develop a similar service in an effort to compete head-to-head with its biggest rival. Walmart previously attempted with Jet.com, an online retailer it acquired in 2016. Jet.com is comparable to Amazon. As Reuters reported in 2019, Walmart chose to shift its attention to its own website and phase out the Jet.com e-commerce site since Jet.com didn’t succeed as quickly as Walmart had hoped.

Walmart+, which debuted in September 2020, may be the company’s most recent foray into online shopping, but it provides something Jet.com couldn’t: same-day delivery on any item that is available at Walmart’s physical stores, including groceries. Customers now have the opportunity to return items in-store, which makes returns more simpler. The new service also stands out from its rivals by allowing customers to expedite in-store purchasing using the Walmart+ app. Members of Walmart Plus can also save money at gas stations, a perk that neither Target nor Amazon Prime can provide for its subscribers.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can do with Walmart+ .

Home Delivery : Customers who have registered for the service can order anything from Walmart for free same-day delivery, including electronics, toys, groceries, and household goods. (However, ensure sure delivery is offered in your area prior to joining up.) Prior to December 4, 2020, your order had to satisfy a $35 minimum to be eligible for free shipping from Walmart+. As a result, you are no longer concerned about shipping costs. First-come, first-served delivery slots are available with Walmart+. You can buy as frequently as you’d like (up to twice in one day, assuming time slots are available), and once your order has left the store, you can watch your driver’s whereabouts in the app. There is no need for a signature during contactless delivery.

In-Store : The Scan & Go option, which enables you to scan things in-store as you shop, is available to members who are prepared to use the Walmart app and mask up. When you’re ready to pay, load a debit card or credit card into your smartphone beforehand, and then scan the QR code at a self-checkout kiosk. This process gives you a receipt and enables a Walmart associate to verify your ID if you’ve bought any age-restricted items. At the kiosk, you can also bag your goods. Unfortunately, Walmart doesn’t accept coupons through Scan & Go, so if you’re hoping for savings, you’ll have to pass on the service.

At The Pump : As of April 27, 2022, members will be able to save up to 10 off per gallon at Exxon and Mobil stations, as well as up to 10 off at select Walmart and Murphy stations and member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centres. When Walmart+ first launched, members could save up to 5 per gallon at Walmart, Murphy USA, and Murphy Express gas stations. (Use this map to discover whether any of the nearly 14,000 participating gas stations are close to you.) You must choose member rates for fuel in the Walmart app and follow the on-screen instructions to access gas station savings. Since you must pay at the pump rather than inside, cash payments are most likely necessary (and possibly contactless, too). There are no restrictions on the number of discounted gallons you can purchase, and if you frequently fill up your vehicle for any reason, you can do so at member prices each and every time.

How much does Walmart+ cost?

The cost of a Walmart+ membership is $98 per year, or $13 per month if you choose not to sign up for the whole year. If you frequent Walmart, you can save around $58 a year by enrolling for the complete year up front. You can change from a yearly to a monthly membership at any time, however Walmart is ambiguous about whether it will reimburse you for the months you’ve already paid for in advance.

Walmart offers a free trial of the service for 30 days if you’d prefer to try it out before committing. We advise creating a reminder for yourself if you decide not to keep using the service after the trial time so you can cancel before your credit card is charged. You will have 48 hours following the start of your paid membership to cancel and obtain a refund, so don’t worry if you forget.


What’s the difference between Amazon Prime, Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt), and Walmart+?

With a few notable exceptions, Walmart+, Target’s Same Day Shipping (shopped by Shipt), and Amazon Prime are extremely comparable delivery services. When choosing between the three, some differences, like the duration of the free trial, are unimportant, but others, like the quantity of products available for same-day delivery, may be worth taking into account.

Similarities and small differences:

  • Walmart Plus is $98 a year, Amazon Prime is $139, and Target’s Same Day Delivery (purchased through Shipt) is $99 per year. Target charges a monthly membership cost of $11, but Walmart Plus charges a monthly membership fee of $13 and Prime charges a monthly membership fee of $15.
  • Customers can try out services from Amazon, Walmart, and Target for a full 30 days.
  • All three deliver groceries to members in eligible areas.

Bigger differences:

  • While Walmart+ only offers 160,000 items for same-day delivery, Amazon Prime offers more than 3 million products. No information was available on the number of products that are offered through Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt).
  • Amazon offers the following streaming advantages as part of the membership fee: Prime Video, Prime Music, and Prime Gaming are all available to members. Media streaming is not currently available with Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt), but Walmart+ is now giving subscribers 6 months of Spotify Premium for free.
  • Same-day delivery is available through Prime and Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt) for orders totaling $35 or more, while Walmart+ now offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. The only service that you may utilise without a membership is Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt), albeit non-member deliveries are subject to a $10 delivery fee.
  • Amazon Prime and Target’s Same Day Delivery (shopped by Shipt) don’t provide gas savings; Walmart+ gives members the ability to save money on fuel at selected gas stations. (However, Costco members also enjoy a comparable benefit: petrol is less expensive at Costco’s member-only gas stations.)

Is Walmart+ worth it?

Walmart Plus, like many other same-day delivery memberships, is only worthwhile if you plan to make frequent trips to that store. It makes sense to subscribe and save if you do the majority of your grocery and other shopping at Walmart. Saving 10 cents a gallon might add up quickly if you own a car that needs to be filled up frequently, especially given the nationwide increase in gas costs. On the other side, casual Walmart customers might wish to avoid going. Even after the free trial, people who aren’t sure can always sign up for the monthly membership plan. If you find that you don’t use Walmart+ as much as you imagined, just remember to deactivate at the end of the month.

Shopping On Walmart+

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