26 Pieces of life Advice from Someone in the Same Boat

let’s explore how to make the most of this exciting phase of life.

This is a longer post than normal, but I swear it’s worth it. I’ve distilled all I’ve learned in my 26 years as a real-life human into one post.

There’s some deep stuff, there’s some lighthearted stuff. I cover mental health, social media, sex, travel, relationships, Food, and more. What are you waiting for, let’s goooo…

Even if you havent found your dream job you still can. 1

1. You can say no

There’s this really irritating trend going around at the moment about being a ‘YES’ person. I appreciate the attempt at trying to empower people to seize every opportunity, but I also think this mentality can be damaging. Exhibit A over here – me, hi!

I’ve always been an overworker but in the last six months I decided to take on every opportunity that came my way.

In my full-time role as the Head of Content Writer, I am committed to taking charge by setting professional goals, seeking mentorship, and exploring new opportunities, all with the aim of climbing the corporate ladder. Simultaneously, during my spare time, I prioritize being sociable. However, it’s crucial to recognize that while you can take on the world professionally, self-care remains paramount. Pushing the mind and body excessively can lead to burnout or breakdown. Despite the desire to say yes to numerous opportunities, it’s equally important to learn when to say no. We’re not invincible, and it’s a valuable reminder to balance ambition with self-preservation.

2.Get outside more

I can’t stress this enough. Fresh air will always make everything just a tiny bit better. Recently I’ve been making a very conscious effort to get outside more.

I’ve been going to the beach, having picnics in the park, going for evening walks, reading my book outside.

I feel so much better, happier and healthier. When I look in the mirror now

3.Read more

Stop mindlessly scrolling through social media and pick up a book. There is so much to gain from reading.

New knowledge, different perspectives, ideas, creative inspiration, a temporary escape, conversation points – the list goes on.

3.Sleep under the stars at least once a year

I’m not a romantic person but there is something inherently romantic about sleeping under the stars.

That doesn’t mean you have to do it with a girlfriend /boyfriend / husband / wife / etc. Take a friend, a family member, your dog, or just have some alone time.

Pick a clear night, obviously. And get that fancy stargazing app.

Just so I don’t get a myriad of complaints from any of you, be warned that you will almost definitely get bitten to death by mosquitoes, so cover up.

Also if you take a duvet outside, it will end up cold and soggy because of nighttime condensation.

Okay so maybe I should change this one to: ‘do some stargazing but then return home to a nice warm bed’.

4.Looking after your body should be a priority

One of my biggest life lessons is: never take your health for granted. Being in good health is one of those things none of us really take much notice of.

It’s only when something goes wrong that we realise how bloody fantastic being healthy is.

If something doesn’t feel right – if you have a lump or a rash or whatever it might be, just go get it checked. Don’t wait, don’t ponder, see your doctor, and get it done.

5.Most people don’t actually look like they do on Instagram IRL

We all know that Instagram is highly curated and generally only represents the highlights of a person’s life, but it’s easy to forget that sometimes.

Instagram is filtered, it’s edited, and it’s dangerous not to acknowledge that.

6.It’s okay to not be okay

You know what, life can be really hard sometimes. It can feel as if your little world is falling apart, that you’ve got no control over anything, and that everyone else seems to be doing just fine. But they’re not, trust me.

We all struggle from time to time. Some more than others. And the most important thing to do is acknowledge that it’s okay to not be okay.

Putting on a show and pretending to be okay is exhausting. It’s utterly draining. Take a break, have a step back, talk to someone.

I wish everybody would open up a bit more – I think everyone would feel a little less lost.

7.Take a trip to reset, even just for one or two days

Sometimes you just need to get away for a few days to pause, refresh, and reset. Explore another part of the India or hop across to World.

8.Stop comparing yourself to other people

This is the single most damaging thing you can do to your mental health. Social media is a bitch for this and I am the number one culprit for it.

I realised I was just fine as I am and that it was the toxic habit of comparing myself to others that was poisoning my perception of myself.

It doesn’t matter if someone who is younger than you is further in their career. It doesn’t matter if all your friends are settled with partners and you’re not.

It doesn’t matter if someone is skinnier than you, curvier than you, taller than you. They’re not you. And it’s your life.

Embrace your flaws and imperfections, and do life at your own pace in the way you want. It’s boring to be like other people, so stop trying.

If anyone tries to tell you any different, remove them from your life – nice segue into my next piece of advice…

9.Cull people from your life who make you miserable

Life is too short to put up with people who don’t make you feel great. If someone is a drain on your happiness, try to phase them out of your life.

10.You have to work your butt off to get to where you want

Sorry if I sound like your mother, but nothing worth having comes easily or gets handed to you on a plate.

You have to work your butt off. Even if you don’t know what you want to do or where you want to be, just get grafting.

Don’t work yourself into the ground and overdo it. But do try really hard, learn as much as you can, and don’t be lazy. 

always choose the people who demonstrate enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn.

if you don’t have the skillset that someone else has, or the best qualifications. Work hard and it will pay off. But it takes time, so be patient.

11.Travel as much as you can

I wouldn’t be a very good travel blogger if I didn’t mention travel. The world is super accessible now, so stop making excuses. Plus, you can do a lot on a small budget, you’d be surprised.

12.Be kind to people

Everyone is fighting a personal battle. If someone is having a hard time, buy them some flowers, or take them out for dinner. If you don’t know them well, just smile kindly.

I don’t care who you are, I have no time for people who can’t be nice to everyone. Whether that’s the waiter serving you in a restaurant or a cleaner scrubbing the toilet in the bar you’re at.

Ask for their name, ask them how they are and wish them a good day. If it’s someone serving you in a restaurant, continue to use their name while you’re there. Treat people like people.

Also, you never know who’s going to be who in a few years time. Everybody has to start somewhere and people will always remember those who are nice to them.

13.Putting time aside for yourself is essential to a healthy mind

We’re so busy all of the time. Whizzing around from A to B, doing 250429 things at once, all while trying to survive this thing called life and look pretty on Instagram. It’s chaotic.

Putting time aside each week for yourself is absolutely essential to not losing your mind.

When I say time for yourself, I mean relaxation time. Not Netflix bingeing, not social media stalking, not getting pissed. Relax in a sauna, go for a walk, do some yoga, treat yourself to a massage, download the Headspace app and practise some mindfulness.

Simple activities that give you a chance to stop, and breathe.

This one is a bit of a stereotype and something that everybody sort of knows. But men and women really do exist on different planets.

Our brains are wired completely differently. And once you fully accept that and acknowledge it, everything starts making a lot more sense and life becomes considerably easier. 

14.It usually takes years to get your dream job

If you managed to land your dream job straight out of school or university then you must be some kind of god.

The vast majority of the time, it takes years to get your dream job. So stop stressing that you’re not quite there yet, sit back, enjoy the ride, and never stop learning.

The first job I got after graduating was not right for me and caused me extraordinary levels of stress. But I met some amazing people, worked with some awesome clients, and learnt a helluva lot.

Take the pressure off yourself and realise that it’s okay if it takes you 5, 10, 20, 50 years to get there. Make sure you’re doing what you love in your spare time – and if you can make a living out of it then that’s just the icing on the cake.

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