Top Selling Items On eBay In 2022

 Top Selling Items On eBay In 2022

The rivalry is severe because eBay is one of the biggest and oldest eCommerce platforms in the world. The success of your business depends on your ability to sell the greatest products.

Continue reading to learn more about eBay selling, the best eBay product categories, and how Printify may help you succeed in eCommerce. With the best-selling items on eBay in 2022, you can solidify your position among the most popular companies.

Selling Items Of Collectible Comics

7 Best Categories for Top Selling Items on eBay

You may quickly identify the eBay product categories that are the most lucrative by conducting market research. Sell products in the most popular categories to join the ranks of other well-known business moguls who comment on the best sales by showcasing only the best-selling products.

Let’s examine the most popular selling categories. These are the areas you need to get knowledgeable about to increase sales, traffic, and the overall number of items sold, from best-selling products to international sales.


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1. Clothing & Accessories


Ones to master are the clothing and accessories areas. The garment industry will generate $1.55 trillion in revenue in 2021! Selling clothing and in-demand accessories is quick, straightforward, and simple when you have Print on Demand (POD) at your disposal.

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Guinness Beer Ugly Christmas Sweater 3D All Over Print Xmas Gift/ Guinness Shirt
Guinness Beer Ugly Christmas Sweater 3D All Over Print Xmas Gift/ Guinness Shirt

Given that clothing is one of the most popular products overall, this is your chance to increase sales and brand recognition through product categories including apparel and accessories.

Trending products for clothing and accessories:

  • Athleisure : All year long, activewear for everyday usage is fashionable. From best-sellers like hoodies to cosy leggings, socks, and more, these top-selling items are designed to be cosy, fashionable, and useful.
  • Branded Apparel. POD makes dropshipping even simpler, making it simpler than ever to add garment designs for particular niches. from pop culture to tropical themes and more. Hawaiian shirts, evergreen tees, and other fun merchandise will help you connect with a certain target market.
  • Hats. The ideal accessory to complete your look, offer sun and rain protection, or rescue you from a terrible hair day Every wardrobe needs hats, from cute bespoke beanies to bucket hats and the enduringly famous trucker caps. Hats made to order can fit any event or fashion.
  • Tote Bags. logical, beneficial, and fashionable In the world of fashion, tote bags are currently in vogue. You may lessen the environmental impact of plastic while shopping or carrying products by using distinctive totes. It’s a must for all online shops.
  • Pins. The best approach to convey one’s hobbies, community membership, personality, and individuality is with custom pins. Pins might be whimsical, esoteric, instructive, or individualised. There are countless alternatives. Offer pins for every whim, event, and fashion, and increase your sales with these top sellers.

2. Health & Beauty

The beauty sector is expanding annually and is expected to reach $511 billion in 2021 alone. Top-selling products can be found in plenty in eBay’s health and beauty categories as individuals are taking better care of themselves and their bodies.

  • Skin Care. from lotions, day creams, night creams, and other body care items to sunscreen. One of the most well-liked categories in the health and beauty sector is skincare.
  • Hair Care. Custom-made shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, and other hair care items that are distinct from the range of mass-produced items are taking beauty products to new heights. Offer something fresh and improved and participate in the hair product sales.
  • Perfumes. Who doesn’t enjoy dazzling onlookers or enchanting a room full of guests with enchanted odours and fragrances? Among the top-selling products for newcomers and well-known businesses are perfumes.
  • Make-Up. Shopping online is equally enjoyable as playing with makeup. The fact that cosmetics are among the best-selling commodities on eBay is therefore not surprising. Launch your cosmetics business and succeed in online sales with lipsticks, eye shadow palettes, mascaras, and other products.

Your online sales will rise if you sell products in the beauty category. For a reason, the primary product-focused categories include health and beauty. By providing your clients with health and beauty items, you can take care of your sales. Everybody benefits from the situation.

Home Garden

3. Fitness


While the exercise equipment market is anticipated to grow to $8.34 billion by 2025, the sports apparel market is projected to reach $192.72 billion in 2021. Your fitness product sales will soar if you list your top sellers in these well-liked sporting goods categories.

  • Apparel. from soft workout leggings to hoodies, shorts, t-shirts, sweatpants, and even socks. Everything is ours. Increase traffic to your store by stocking it with top-selling activewear to draw in customers who are more active or who value comfort above fashion.
  • Shoes. One of the key components of being active is comfort. It increases motivation and aids in maintaining your focus and well-being. Ensure that customers have high-quality, comfortable footwear for their workouts at the gym, on hikes, or at home.
  • Equipment. from light yoga mats and weights to bulky gym equipment. Offer consumers the best fitness equipment available so they can work out at home or in their places of business and see a rise in revenue.
  • Accessories. towels, specialised water bottles, and roomy gym bags. With unique accessories, you may help your customers stand out at the gym or add some fun to their at-home workouts.

4. Jewelry

In 2020, the market for jewellery was estimated to be worth $228 billion. These goods are simpler to package and ship than some electronics or other commodities with more constraints, making this market segment a gold mine.

The top-selling items on eBay in the Jewelry & Watches category are:

  • Watch Bands. from watch bands for normal watches to Apple watch bands. Provide a range of styles and designs for your clients.
  • Watches. Custom watches and clocks make wonderful additions to your buyers’ homes. from wall clocks to wristwatches and more.
  • Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants. These timeless jewellery items are always in style. from personalised pendants and tags to unique necklaces.
  • Rings. eBay has everything, including candy rings and engagement rings. Provide a selection of rings under this product category to increase your jewellery average sales.

5. Pet Supplies

pet supplies

On eBay and the internet, pet supplies are among the top sellers. With total sales of $103.6 billion in 2020, the pet business experienced its highest ever level of growth. Because it provides distinctive pet items and personalised designs for each animal buddy, this industry is worth looking into.

Popular pet supply categories aren’t imaginable without items like :

  • Collar and Leashes. Each pet will stand out from the crowd thanks to custom collars and leashes with your designs.
  • Bowls and Feeding Mats. Using distinctive bowls and mats for food and beverages can make mealtime more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Beds. List unique beds and pillows for animals of different shapes and sizes since a comfortable pet is a happy pet.
  • Accessories. from tags to bandanas to tank tops, among other items. Pets all around the world will be amazed by your unique items and designs.

6. Mobile Phones & Accessories

The most popular cell phones had a market value of $378.29 billion in 2020, while cell phone accessories reached $278.2 billion in 2021, making smartphones and accessories one of the most popular goods ever sold on eBay.

  • Cell Phones. from well-known to obscure mobile phone manufacturers. Sell enduring technology that satisfies your customers’ needs.
  • In-Car iPhone Holders. Now, tourists can use their phones while on the move. Road vacations and regular commutes are safer, more useful, and more affordable.
  • Phone Cases & Covers. Sell personalised phone covers and cases to adorn phones with distinctive patterns and styles.
  • Ring Holders & Pop Sockets. No more dropping phones while conversing, taking selfies, or watching YouTube videos. Ring holders are a fashionable item that everyone needs.
  • Phone Part & Accessories. from power sources and chargers to screen shields and other accessories. Provide these product categories with everything eBay users might possibly require.

7. Cameras & Photos


In 2021, the value of the digital art industry was close to $13.6 billion, while the sales of digital cameras increased to $7.19 billion. If selling cameras or artwork on the eBay marketplace is more your style, you can get a piece of this money pie.

The Camera and Photo categories include products like:

  • Canvases. Sell your works of art on canvas in many sizes and shapes, and use them to adorn your clients’ walls.
  • Art Supplies. Sell art supplies to provide top-notch tools for artists throughout the world to be creative.
  • Cameras. from well-known brands like Nikon and Canon to a variety of alternative cameras at fair prices.
  • Posters. Present your artwork in many ways, from plain posters to ones with frames, and sell it on eBay to the proper customers.


By appealing to all audiences with the most-searched products, you may significantly increase your income by knowing the best categories and top-selling things on eBay.

The goal is to sell more things and outperform other platforms. Create and list products in the most popular categories to succeed in eCommerce with ReadnExpo.

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