NameCheap Review || 2022

 NameCheap Review || 2022

Looking for a cheap domain name for your new website? The greatest available choice for cheap domain names is Namecheap.

With several useful add-ons, they start as low as $0.99 for a domain for your first year.

It offers dependable hosting for more than 1.5 million websites of various sizes and shapes in addition to domain registrations. Large clients like Buffer, Figma, and Imgur are included in this.

In summary, Namecheap is a leading domain name registrar that provides cost-effective and dependable domain and hosting solutions.

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Namecheap vs. the Best Domain Registrars 

Namecheap is a straightforward domain registrar that provides a wide range of supplementary site hosting and management services. It has millions of domain names available at extremely low prices.

Every domain registration includes free privacy protection, free domain name security, 24/7 assistance, complete DNS access, and a comprehensive knowledge base in case you require more information.

Additionally, I’ve compiled a list of the top name registrars, which you may go through to see which one best suits your requirements.

In order to put it together, I took a look at a lot of important factors, including domain management, transfer choices, and registration renewal rates. Here are some of my top picks. The list did include Namecheap!

Here’s a closer look at Namecheap and all it has to offer for the time being.

For whom is Namecheap best suited?

The ideal option for you is Namecheap if you want to register several domain names for a reasonable price or if you just want to discover the greatest deal.

Remember that you’ll need to periodically renew your domain registration. Any registrar you select will be able to provide you this, and Namecheap has some of the best renewal pricing in the business.

Namecheap is a great option if you want to acquire a domain name and host it all in one location for a low cost. There are numerous hosting alternatives available.

Pros N Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Namecheap’s offerings are similar to those of other name registrars on the market, and the significance of each one depends largely on your individual needs.

Easy To Use : With Namecheap’s simple user interface, you may get what you
need very quickly and without having to navigate any complex hurdles. This is a huge bonus if technology isn’t your area of expertise.
Downtime Issues : When a problem is detected, Namecheap’s site uptime monitoring checks for it every five minutes and logs the results on your individual dashboard. Nevertheless, at other times when uptime was in the 99% area, certain users have experienced issues with instances of downtime.
Free Domain Privacy : The free domain privacy offered by Namecheap is one of its best features. Domain privacy is a feature that certain services, like GoDaddy, charge an additional cost for and that you must periodically renew if you want to preserve it.Renewal Rates : If you’ve worked with domain registrars before, you’re certainly aware of the fact that once your original domain registration time expires, most of them charge higher renewal prices. Although Namecheap does better than most in this area, it is still something to be mindful of.
Free Migration : Within 24 hours, Namecheap offers free assistance in moving your WordPress website to its hosting services. You only need to complete and submit a request with a few informational details about your website.Domain Transfer Fees : Although it’s simple to move your domain registration to Namecheap, there is a fee that varies depending on whether you have a discount coupon.
Affordable All Around : Namecheap sets itself apart in terms of cost, which is perfect for new websites that want to launch quickly and on a tight budget.
Updates To TLDs : You can be sure you can always choose from extensions other than the because Namecheap updates its inventory of top-level extensions frequently.
Free Apps : Namecheap provides both free and paid site-building tools that you may utilise for the success of your website, such as tools for creating custom logos, increasing site speed, and even establishing a legal LLC.
Great Support : If you experience site issues and require assistance with any troubleshooting, Namecheap offers live chat or a support ticket option.
Guides And Videos : If you’re a DIYer and need help, Namecheap has a tonne of how-to articles and videos as well as a comprehensive knowledge base.
Easy Domain Transfer : Would you like to move your domain to Namecheap? By submitting a ticket with all the required information, you may accomplish it quickly. It could take up to six business days or as little as 30 minutes.


It’s clear how Namecheap differentiates itself from competitors in terms of pricing. It is constantly among the most cost-effective ways to fulfil your domain and web hosting requirements.

Here are the starting rates for several domain extensions:

Pricing Of TLD

For some extensions, you may even discover offers on Namecheap for as little as $0.99. This is the best deal you’ll ever find, period.

Hosting Features

Compare them to other well-known domain registrars, such as Bluehost or GoDaddy, and you’ll quickly see how much less expensive Namecheap can be. Its name includes the term “cheap” for a purpose, after all.

Spend some time on this dedicated server page to view all of its plans, which may be customised based on your requirements for CPU power, budget, RAM, and other factors. This feature is great since it allows you to customise your dedicated hosting package.

Some of the most affordable shared hosting packages are offered by Namecheap. especially when you consider what you get after you reach its beginner tier. You can begin hosting up to three websites for $1.58 per month, with unmetered bandwidth and privacy protection.

Additionally, you receive free automatic SSL installation, which might spare you the hassle of installation. If you have any prior experience working with hosting companies, you know how cumbersome and challenging it can be to install SSL certificates effectively.

But if you’re looking for inexpensive shared hosting, I’d suggest their $4.48/month Stellar Business plan for shared clouds. Following registration, you’ll have access to:

  • 50GB SSD
  • Host Unlimited Websites
  • Automatic Backups and Cloud Storage
  • A Discounted .com domain Name

Even when you compare it to other shared hosting providers, the shared hosting plan will unquestionably give you the most value for your money.

At Namecheap, you may examine each shared hosting plan in greater depth.

NameCheap Offers

Numerous website administration options are available from Namecheap, including hosting, economical domain names, apps, and even specialised security measures.

NameCheap Domains

NameCheap Domains

Namecheap is a fantastic choice for purchasing all of your domain names because of its affordability, ease of management once they have been registered, and additional extras like free privacy protection, which I particularly adore. Privacy protection is always a good idea and a plus in the internet age.

NameCheap Apps

Apps On NameCheap

What precisely are Namecheap apps? You can purchase applications from Namecheap as part of a relatively new feature that will help your website succeed.

They provide a lot of free apps, and you can start utilising others for reasonably priced monthly payments. Some of my favourites from this company include its free logo maker, $3.99 monthly website builder, and the free to use website uptime monitoring programme.

Few other domain registrars have tools that assist you in ways other than just registering a domain name and buying hosting. You can use the following Namecheap apps:

  • Supersonic CDN : Verify that your website is operating as quickly as feasible.
  • : Verify & ID Online Customers
  • EasyWP : If you’re not tech-savvy, this WordPress site builder is ideal.
  • NameCheap VPN : Protects Your Privacy Online
  • NameCheap Uptime Monitoring : You can monitor the instances of uptime and downtime for your website.
NameCheap For Security

Without a question, Namecheap’s commitment to site security and privacy is one of its strongest differentiators. Your online security is guaranteed by features like two-factor authentication, the ability to securely unblock material with its VPN service, and personal privacy and browsing protection.

Other domain registrars don’t give their security features the same attention, and few of them give away free privacy protection when you buy a domain from them.

Best Domains Registrars

The game offered by Namecheap is inexpensive, straightforward, and secure. When your registration period is up, it even has affordable renewal rates. It offers unmatched domain name pricing. This is what distinguishes it as a favourite on my shortlist of the best domain registrars.

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