8 fantastic Xbox Game Pass titles for 2022

 8 fantastic Xbox Game Pass titles for 2022


Even though Game Pass continues to be one of the best values in gaming, navigating its enormous library may be very difficult.

The Xbox is currently one of the finest values in gaming thanks to its fantastic Game Pass library. Pay a monthly subscription cost of $10 for the entry-level plan or $15 for the top tier with online multiplayer, and you’ll have access to a selection of games that you can play for free.

Many of the titles that are offered are either brand-new Xbox exclusives or older games that are only now becoming available through Game Pass. With over 400 games to pick from, it might be difficult to decide which ones are worthwhile, especially over the holidays when time is at a premium.

Here is a quick guide to some popular Xbox games.


Microsoft Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series S is smaller than the Xbox Series X, which supports 4K, yet it can still play the same digital games. Its maximum resolution is 2560 x 1440 QHD.

Dragon Age : Inquisition

Xbox and EA collaborated to add their games to Game Pass through EA Play. Therefore, in addition to the original Dead Space trilogy, nearly every Battlefield game, and every Mass Effect game, you can also play Dragon Age: Inquisition, one of the best Western role-playing games of the past ten years. It has action, drama, romance, treachery, and a decision-making process that actually makes your decisions feel important.


Pentiment wasn’t my cup of tea, but even so, I can see how appealing the stunningly beautiful illustrated text murder mystery may be to someone else. In Pentiment, you’ll experience what it was like to be a journeyman artisan in the 16th century, dealing with local craftsmen, peasant farmers, and, of course, the all-knowing church. You’ll make choices throughout the game that will have profound effects on people around you, weigh heavily on your conscience, and alter their lives and fortunes. Pentiment is absolutely worth a try, even though I didn’t end up enjoying it as much as some other people did. I still played for almost 15 hours.

Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has finally reached its proper position despite a rough launch a year ago. One of the most significant Xbox exclusives of all time is the first shooter that gave us the Master Chief. With a recent update, the game finally included The Pit in its multiplayer map rotation in addition to the eagerly anticipated Forge mode and online co-op feature. It’s the ideal time to play Halo Infinite if you were waiting for the bugs to be worked out.

Persona 5 Royal

I proclaimed Dragon Age: Inquisition to be among the top Western role-playing games of the previous ten years. Persona 5 Royal is quite far the best RPG of the past ten years, so I had to qualify DAI with “Western.” While managing all the stress and worries that come with being a teenager, you engage in combat with nasty, avaricious adults in their egotistical Mind Palaces. A vibrant and lovable cast of friends, classmates, and others are there to support you (including a horny cat that talks). The game has incredible music, and despite turn-based combat, it still manages to be engaging. I played Persona 5 for 90 hours before moving on to Persona 5 Royal for an additional 120 hours. Okay, it was the pandemic. You will cherish every minute of losing your heart and life to P5R now that it is available on Game Pass.

Powerwash Simulator

Nothing is more cathartic than slowly and deliberately blasting dirt off the side of a house, or drawing obscene images on the pavement, with a power washer. PowerWash Simulator is one of the oddest simulator games among the countless others. Actually, it seems more like a simulation of running a little business without selling Amazon affiliate links than than a simulation of the incredible power of the power washer.

The Entire Yakuza Omnibus

Almost all Yakuza games are available on Game Pass. There’s nothing else you need to know, really. From Yakuza 0 through Like a Dragon, every game is currently available. Do you still need persuasion? Imagine playing an RPG where you play as a fierce mobster roaming Tokyo’s red-light district, beating up yakuza thugs while also giving sex workers tips on how to improve their sex lives and starting a thriving real estate firm. That sort of mixed bag is what one gets when playing a Yakuza game. Action brawler with heartwarming and humorous sidequests.

Umurangi Generation

A terrifying video game called Umurangi Generation shows what happens when you give a group of teenagers a camera near the end of the world. If the final ephemera of the human species are your Pokémon, it’s similar to Pokémon Snap. You are handed a camera and told what subjects to photograph before being free to complete your assignments in various locations. Players are free to roam the area, taking photos and learning about the alien threat that has arrived to ruin the world from posters and other indirect storytelling devices. Umurangi Generation is a sad, frightening, and dismal game because it asks us to face the very real reality humans experience as it is reflected in the environment through a mirror (or camera lens).

Titanfall 2

Because Titanfall 2 is so excellent, even after six years it continues to appear on best-of lists. Want to play a shooter with genuine storytelling if you’re new to Xbox? It’s Titanfall 2 there. Do you want to be buddies with the most effective mecha murder machine with a powerful fastball? It’s gotcha for Titanfall 2. Want to play one of the top video game single-player levels? Yes, Titanfall 2 is what you need.

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