Putin journeys to Belarus

 Putin journeys to Belarus

Putin Visits Belarus

Putin’s first trip to Belarus since 2019 has heightened concerns about the possibility of a second front from that country.

Russia shared a video of nuclear-capable missiles being placed into a silo as the United States was finalising its plans to send the Patriot missile defence system to Ukraine.

Russia is using 40-year-old reserves because it is short of munitions. Russia intends to enlist 17-year-olds in the occupied territories. At the same time as this is happening, up to 40% of elite Russian troops are being casualties.

According to Ukrainian President Zelensky, the country is putting up a potent response to recent Russian attacks against Ukrainian infrastructure.

Mir Castle, Belarus

The Kyiv government has stated that the city’s power restoration is nearing completion. After nearly every Ukrainian hydroelectric and thermoelectric power facility was damaged by Russian missile attacks, Ukraine is progressively recovering heat and electricity. Russian military abused the staff of the Ukrainian nuclear power station that was captured, according to escaped workers.

Zelensky asserts that 11,000 Ukrainian children have been deported by Russia.

According to Zelensky, Ukraine has already found proof of 400 war crimes in Kherson. Kherson, the sole provincial capital Moscow had conquered, has just been returned to Ukraine. At the G20 summit, Volodymyr Zelensky will participate. Also given by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia is the Liberty Medal to Zelensky.

Another $400 million is being sent to Ukraine by the US. To aid in financing Ukraine, Canada is selling bonds. Many countries are helping to the conflict in any way they can; one such example is the death of an Idahoan who volunteered to fight in Ukraine. According to UK intelligence, more Russians are claiming that Putin made mistakes with the conflict and that they are growing weary of it.

For safety from Putin’s draught, Russians are emigrating to Kazakhstan. According to UK intelligence, there are currently more Russians escaping the drought than there were in the initial invading force.

In a separate instance, a guy lit himself on fire in protest after a Russian man shot a draught officer who was in charge of recruiting soldiers for the conflict in Ukraine. As anti-draft demonstrations break out across Russia, Vladimir Putin is purportedly hiding. Over 1,300 citizens have been detained in response to their protests against Putin’s enlistment of civilians.

Russia has escalated its attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure to make up for failures on the front lines. An indication of the country’s power is that Ukrainian President Zelensky visited area that had been regained.

Over the past week, Ukraine has reclaimed more land from Russia. Ukrainian troops arrived at the Russian border in the Kharkiv region the previous week. Russian soldiers were driven from the Kharkiv region by Ukraine’s quick counteroffensive, and the country has since treble the area it has reclaimed. Last Monday, Ukraine started its eagerly anticipated offensive in the south of the nation. Additionally, President Zelesnyk has vowed to use all available methods to reclaim Crimea.

Ukraine’s goals are being supported by Western countries. Another $3 billion in help is on the way from the United States to Ukraine. Turkey has already delivered 50 mine-resistant cars to Ukraine, and more will follow. More rocket launchers have been delivered to Ukraine by the US and Germany. According to President Zelensky, the Ukrainian army is losing about 30 soldiers daily as opposed to 100–200 during the start of the conflict. 3 The UK government declared that it would dispatch drones as well as weaponry to Ukraine. Additionally verified by Zelensky’s office is that the US will train F-15 and F-16 pilots.

According to the Ukrainian defence minister, a “million-strong army” will be created to fend off the Russians.

On the Ukrainian border, the Russian military is starting to assemble reserves. A Ukrainian raid on a Russian facility resulted in 200 deaths and 300 injuries among Russian forces.

A Canadian soldier serving in the Ukrainian army has appealed for more funding and weaponry (to buy weapons).

In answer to Zelensky’s pleading, Australia dispatched munitions to Ukraine two weeks ago.

A lack of ammunition was being reported by Ukraine, endangering their ability to defend themselves against Russia. Up until now, international governments have been very liberal with their arms. Poland has said that it will sell Ukraine heavy weaponry worth $650 million, including self-propelled howitzers.

Sweden and the UK have also added their names to the list of nations delivering more cutting-edge armaments to Ukraine. Modern tanks with German design are being sent by Spain to Ukraine to aid in the defence against Russian invaders. Germany has said that it will provide Ukraine with cutting-edge anti-aircraft missiles and radar equipment. According to President Biden, the US will also ship Ukraine medium-range rockets.

In contrast, the Russians are starting to grapple with their arsenal. As the combat in Donbas gets more intense, the Ukrainian military claims to have destroyed an ammo stockpile. Due to this destruction, Ukrainian military researchers have come to the conclusion that the Russian military has exhausted its stock of cutting-edge weaponry. Russia faces many issues than just technology. More than a hundred members of the Russian National Guard soldiers have been fired for refusing to fight in Ukraine.

In an effort to increase the number of soldiers, the Russian government has removed the age requirement for military duty. Additionally, the Russian military is paying bonuses that are four times as much as a soldier’s monthly pay. According to estimates from British military intelligence, Russia lost a third of their invading force.

The dictatorial leader of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenka, has acknowledged that the conflict in Ukraine is not proceeding as planned. Due to the Ukraine crisis, the massive German industrial conglomerate Siemens plans to depart Russia after nearly 170 years.

The Russian finance ministry has acknowledged that the possibility of economic collapse posed by Western sanctions exists.


Megayacht worth $989 million owned by Vladimir Putin has been impounded in Italy. Chuck Schumer stated that in the case of such seizures, the US will raise money for the Ukrainian war effort by selling the assets of Russian oligarchs that have been apprehended.

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